Women are biologically different from men.

 They face unique bodily challenges. One of them is their hormonal cycle, commonly known as menstruation. It is, however, accompanied by discomfort and searing pain. Nausea, fever, weakness, lack of concentration, weariness, and poor emotional control are a few unpleasant symptoms that impact their work and everyday routine.

Menstrual leave is a type of leave where women may have a choice of taking a leave from their workplace while they are menstruating. It refers to a specific form of time off for those who experience period pains and extreme discomfort.


There is no legal framework in India that allows women the right to take menstrual leave. In a country where the word menstruation is scandalized, a case for a menstrual leave policy faces several nauseating arguments and, more importantly, having a conversation on an often denounced subject.


The first argument comes over how women have been in the workforce for decades and have been able to manage well. Menstruation is definitely not a decision that women make every month. Along these lines, if a woman encounters troubles, she ought to be permitted to take a leave.

Webninjaz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has come up with a SIX menstrual leaves policy in a year, notwithstanding the orthodoxy mentality. Webninjaz’s Menstrual policy has been designed to give our female employees the necessary time off to dote on their health when needed, midst their menstrual cycle to provide all women with that much-needed interval when they are on their periods and experiencing cramps and discomfort.

It is our continuous endeavour to create an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and cared for. We are committed to building a healthy and inclusive culture for all employees.