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Depending on any special terms established in writing or published on  www. webninjaz.com, the Seller shall bill the purchaser for the net amount due to the supplies on or at any time subsequent to the delivery of the merchandise.


The purchaser shall pay the cost of the merchandise or services on the payment date mentioned in the contract or quote. Alternatively, if no express stipulation for the time of disbursement is contained in the agreement within the specified days subsequent to the date of bill notwithstanding the release of goods may not have happened, and, or that the goods in the Service have not passed to the purchaser. The point of payment of the cost shall be of the essence of the agreement. Payment receipts will be issued only on demand.

The Seller shall not be legally responsible to the purchaser because of any representation, except as provided in these Conditions expressly. The seller is also not responsible for any indirect warranty, stipulation or other term, or any duty under statute or at common law or under the express terms of the agreement, for any direct or significant damage or loss sustained by the purchaser. This loss or damage may include without restraint, loss of earnings or special or indirect loss, expenses, costs or other claims for significant payment, whatsoever that arise from or in relation to the supply of merchandise or their use or resale by the purchaser.

The purchaser shall make sure that, except to the level that directives as to the use or sale of the products or services are contained in the labeling or packaging of the merchandise, any use or sale of the supplies by the purchaser is in fulfillment with all relevant statutory and other dogmatic requirements. Moreover, the storage and management of the products or services by the consumer are carried out in line with instructions given by the Seller or any constituent legislative or regulatory authority. Additionally, the consumer will assure the Seller against any liability damage or loss that the Seller might undergo because of the failure of the consumer while obeying this condition.

The Seller shall invoice the consumer for the net amount due to the merchandise on or at any time after the delivery of the Goods depending on any special terms and conditions of services agreed in writing or published on the web site of the seller.