What we did

Launched in September 2020

Let's face it, “Junk food” Chips aren't Going Anywhere!


With one simple twist ⁠— using peas ⁠
we’ve changed chips forever!

The way we see it, for years, chips food lovers have had two choices – “comfort food” or gimmicky chips foods made for a “healthy” lifestyle. If it tastes good, then it’s gotta be “junk” and if it’s “good” for you, well it’s gonna taste like cardboard! So many of you have been waiting for a chips to come along to deliver the best of both worlds. At PeaTos®, we knew there had to be a better way. So we developed the world’s first “junk food” style chips without the junk – a salty chips, inspired by our favorite junk food chips from yesterday. The finger-licking good ones, like we ate growing up. The ones we wish we could still eat with abandon today.

The brief

No fads, no gimmicks, no miraculous diet claims, just a “junk food” style chips with all the crunchy, tasty, finger-licking awesomeness you love! We have replaced the old school base of corn (along with all of the artificial ingredients that those other guys use) with a powerful base of peas (and other clean ingredients) to deliver a deliciously familiar chips experience along with the benefit of 2x the protein and 3x the fiber and nothing artificial!


We’ve made a junk-free alternative to Cheetos®, Funyuns® and Doritos® that tastes even better!

See how we stack up. (It’s not even close.)